My biggest motivation is a laughing and cheering audience

There are these moments, when I start telling some very personal stories for the first time and I don’t anticipate how the audience would react.

Earlier in May as I was speaking in front of 500 people, I revealed for the first time that I was only able to see clearly following 3 eye surgeries. This story was meant to explain that it is far less important where you are coming from but rather where your vision leads you to. All of of a sudden I noticed an emotional touch with my audience, the message was that every small startup has the potential to take it up with the Big Players.

I didn’t know what to expect in front of so many people and was pleasantly surprised to see a reaction which showed empathy and appreciation. People should be able to identify themselves with similar own stories and start right away to get their ideas under way.

This feeling is for me the greatest reward of my work. And a very special gift for every Keynote Speaker.

Which premium keynotes can you expect from me?

Keynote speaker for Marketing

Marketing is for me the supreme discipline in entrepreneurship. Marketing is always different, special, individual and builds the major tool for our communication. I always try to develop creative ideas alongside the main paths, rewarding myself with this feeling of really being able to change things.

  • Make a difference with new strategies
  • Develop brands beyond empty words
  • Find measures that inspire customers and generate growth

My target is to stimulate companies in bringing their own ideas into the market and to start over led by their passion.

For me as a keynote speaker, it is essential that each attendee leaves with at least one key idea which will help him drive sales. I therefore share with my customers My best Insights out of 300 Start-Ups.

Your audience will witness unvarnished truths during my speech as well as the unwrapping of myths around customer acquisition and sales optimization.
The marketing I offer is vivid and not off the shelf. That is the core message I deliver, with key insights of online marketing and through the endless opportunities which classical advertisement provides. Let us share this knowledge base with your audience.

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Keynote speaker for digitalization & innovation

Let us digitize the world. As a keynote speaker but also a nerd, I am great supporter of every digitalization which makes our world simpler and smarter. Startups are the heartbeat of innovation. After 10 years of consultancy for startups, I can recognize trends in an early phase and know how to drive innovation.

  • Recognize and convert trends
  • Digitize business models and start right away
  • Implement latest methods for innovation development

As a consultant for various startups and after generating many new successful ideas, innovation remains my personal favorite. How do I start with a new idea? How do I present it and, before all, how do I find out how competitive my idea is?

You are looking for real innovation and want to boost the innovation power of your team or your leadership team? My keynote delivers exactly what you need in order to be more successful! Let us share the latest methods and open the minds of your audience on their path to success.

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Keynote speaker for entrepreneurship

For me, entrepreneurship is a philosophy. I deliver this message to your audience and let them feel my enthusiasm. What can one learn from startups, how can they learn from startups? And most of all, how can the DNA of a startup be replicated within your team? Here is, what my keynote provides.

  • Start over and start motivating as an entrepreneur
  • Being an Intrapreneur in your own company
  • Learning from the best startups worldwide

I had the pleasure to study in The Netherlands, a country not only well known for its beautiful landscape but also for its immense power of innovation. Being self-motivated and self-employed was always my drive. At early stage, during my first jobs in marketing, I found out that discovering and experiencing in a company can be boring and therefore wanted to be independent. A personality can develop best in its own company, rather than being led by others. I am very proud for having achieved this step in my early years of profession already. Life is too short to be wasted.

I love the variety in entrepreneurship, at least I have never been bored so far. It feels like “all you can eat” for ideas and a provides daily adventures. As soon as I am convinced of a good idea, I follow up – not only content wise but with all the enthusiasm I bear in me. That is exactly what your audience will experience while listening to me.

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Here you find some excerpts from my keynotes

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Why am I the perfect keynote speaker for you?

Being an expert in math doesn’t really improve your tax declaration, understanding gross and net margin will have a decisive impact on your business. My target is to shed some light in the jungle of unpleasant but required facts and make them understandable and replicable.
Enthusiasm always means a new beginning and is exactly my believing and guide line which I like to share. Google maps will not help you find a new path, motivation and a clear target are essential for success. I help people draft this target and make them understand why every single step counts.
Since many years I travel and deliver keynotes on European stages with a mix of knowledge and entertainment. I love telling true stories which have motivated me and hopefully do the same for my audience. Each keynote has a specific focus on the target group in the audience helping them to understand why it is worth taking this path.

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